19 February 2012

It’s Been a While..

Since I posted an update or been out on the canoe for that matter! a combination of poor weather over the weekends (but beautiful during the week) and selling the Terrano meant that opportunities were few and far between.

However last weekend on Saturday we went to the little bay by Mangere Bridge to get out of the house. It was a full tide with a nice breeze so I was determined to take the canoe out the next day. Of course it rained with  the wind gusting to 19 knots…

So bring on this weekend; with a morning tide, Saturday was out but Sunday was promising; 8:30am high tide, 4 knots wind and small chance of rain.

Saturday evening I up the new car for the first time:

It shrunk in the wash!

With an early start I got to the beach at 7:30 and got set-up. The weather was perfect save for one detail… No wind. Cecile and the kids arrived just as I finished setting up without the wind I set off under paddle power:

Without any wind I consoled myself with the fantasy of going fishing. Not knowing where to go I cast my line a few times and headed back. Paddling went very well, I dipped the leeboard into the water to help a little with tracking and with a bit of practice I got it under control and managed to get up a nice pace.

Coming back to the beach I was time to take Nicolas out:

Nico had been asking me the whole week when we were going to take the canoe out so he was keen as to get aboard. And when on the shore he was there to help pull the boat ashore.

Much to my surprise Eloise was dying to have a go too:

So we put her in Nicolas’ life jacket and off we went. After a quick tour of the bay we came back and waiting for us was Ashley (from Nicolas’ old daycare) and her sister waiting to have a go. After that it was another turn for Nico and Eloise before the outgoing tide was at the point that we had to stop before we were landing in mud.

All up it was a fantastic morning and great to be back on the water again.

So next job… getting a life jacket for Eloise and adding another seat.


  1. Hi Bas!

    Congratulations for the nice blog!
    I want build an Ulua too and looking for some tips from another builders. My major inspirations are the beautiful design of the canoe and the first picture on this page. A cartopable boat is the solution of my problems...
    I´m planning use the canoe for paddling. What about the canoe in rough water? Its safe to carry wife and a 6 years old girl? And about the size? If you started the construction now what size would you use? More or less than 6 meters?

    Many questions...

    Thanks in Advance and Greetings from Brasil!!

    Alexandre Sampaio

    PS: I´m in contact with Gary Dierking too.

  2. Hi Alexandre,

    I would build a long as you can manage in the room you have available and can safely get onto the top of the car. As for safety once the waves build up you will get spray into the boat I can't really offer much advice as I don't know the conditions you will be sailing in. But without a safety ama you will capsize the canoe, until you get used to how they handle.

    Good luck and enjoy your build!

    Cheers Bas