24 May 2010

Driver Halt!

Week fifteen and all work has stopped because we are in Noumea. Last Tuesday Cecile's Grandmother passed away. So I recommended that she fly to Noumea with Eloise to support her mother who was very upset. In the end we went over as a family so that I could act as an extra pair of hands.

As its worked out things have been reasonably sedate, it's rained for two days. But on Friday we did get to go out for lunch and time on the beach. Nico took to the water like a duck!

Today is the wake and the children are not allowed to be near that for cultural reasons so Cecile will get a brief moment to say good bye to her Grandmother before she goes through a cleansing process so that she can hold Eloise again. The upside is that we can go to the beach if the weather has cleared.

Tomorrow is the funeral and after that its time to catch up with the family visiting from France. Eloise has been a big hit with the extended family and she is couping very well with the attention and heat (although the locals will tell you it's cold!).

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