02 May 2010


Regrettably not yet on the canoe.

Week twelve ended with a trip around Rangitoto Island on the boss’ boat. The day started beautifully, with two knots of wind (not ideal for sailing but the sun was shining). After motoring for the first hour we set sail for the rest of the trip. Gradually the winds climbed up to eighteen knots which pushed us along at a respectable eight knots. During the whole trip the swells remained quite modest with the only real waves coming from the fast cat ferries.

Apart from a great day on the ocean, the trip also showed me that it was feasible to make a similar trip in an outrigger. I’m thinking of making weekend trips of it, launching from St Heliers Beach and camping on Mototapu island and making day trips from there.

Back to the Ulua, I’ve planed and sanded the inside, filleted the two stems and faired the rough patches. Next step, hopefully this coming weekend is glassing the inside.

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