06 June 2010

Fixtures and Fittings

Week seventeen. On Monday I finally made it to Absolute Marine and picked up two hatches and two inspection ports (one 4 inch and one 6 inch). Unfortunately they were out of bungs so I had wait till Saturday before I got those. 

I plan to use one of the hatches for top access to the aft bulkhead and the other for a storage area I will to build under the centre seat although I am a little worried about the extra weight it will add.

That evening I laminated the timber for waes, saddles and ring frame. Wednesday morning I was traveling again, and when I got back on Friday evening the glue had completely set.  But I did email Gary and ask him to make me a set of sails.

Saturday morning was spent picking up Loki, getting the bungs and shaping the waes and saddles. In the afternoon I picked up Cecile, Nico, Eloise and Cecile’s mum from the airport. So that was the end of my work day.

Sunday I made another trip to the airport, then it was off to the pool with the family. Luckily Eloise is starting to get a liking for water as well, she even came for a swim. After lunch and putting the children to bed I finished off the saddles, ring frame and cut holes in the bulkheads for the bungs and inspection ports.

Tomorrow I’d like to glue everything in place, but the heater is being used in the spare room. I’ll see if I can find a cheap one to use, we need one for the spare room anyway.

The finished fittings:

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