20 June 2010


Week nineteen ended in a busy productive weekend, with little boat building being done!

During the week I cut out the basic shape for the decking so that on Saturday I was able to glass the underside. While that was drying I smoothed out the sides of the hull where I’d cut some away for putting the decks down. I then gave all the exposed wood a coat of epoxy and glued in a wedge at the bow and stern. The theory is to use them as a firm base to attach cleats to.

Sunday was another trip to Bunnings with the family, to get extra tie downs of the gluing session that afternoon. As it happened the rest of the day was spent rolling out the pasta dough I made yesterday into fettuccine and sheets for ravioli. But I did squeeze in time to glue down both decks and bulkhead bungs before heading off to Mum’s for snacks with the family.

So at the end of week nineteen the canoe looks like this:

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