04 July 2010

No More Glue

As in I’ve run out! Fortunately I had enough to finish the starboard gunwale. So the first job next weekend will be to go to NZ Fiberglass and get more glue powder. Not being able to make any glue meant that my plans were cut short somewhat. So instead I cut lengths of timber for the seats and the mast step.

Speaking of the mast step, this is a part that I’ve been mulling on for a while now. Gary’s plans are for a plug to fit inside the mast but I’ve been reluctant to use that for my canoe because of the difficulty of drilling a clear straight hole through the middle of the plug and making sure the base is flush for a level mounting.  So instead I thought about getting a length of PVC or aluminum tube that the mast could sit in. I discussed this with Gary and he didn’t recommend PVC as it wasn’t very strong and epoxy didn’t bond well with it.

Then I came across this blog: Blue Peter and in particular, this picture:

and thought “now that’s an idea!” So I asked Gary if a block like that would work on the Ulua, he thought it would, but recommended a depth of 75mm to help hold the mast in during a capsize. I decided to go for 80-100mm. Originally I planed to use laminates of the 4mm ply I have, but that would require me to cut 20 strips so instead I used 20mm pine from a board I had. I will also laminate two pieces to be added to the wae for the upper mounting block.

What I also like about this picture is the tidy gear station with compass and space for a GPS and sundries. Something to keep in mind for after I've had a bit of experience on the water with her.

End of week twenty one, and no photo sorry; there isn’t much to see to be honest and we left early for pork roast dinner at Mums’.

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