18 July 2010

Pink Gloves and Duct Tape

This was a week of little jobs. On Monday I went to NZ Fibreglass to get more glue powder. While I was there I also picked-up a couple of paint rollers for when I glass the ama and a couple of big (60ml) syringes Which I’ll use for mixing small batches of epoxy.

Well silly me, at bath time I showed Nico one of the syringes and how to use it. That was the end of that, think Nico would give it back? “No share Papa!”

As it turned out I had to go to Mt Wellington again on Wednesday so I stopped into NZ Fibreglass again and got a replacement syringe. On a whim I bought some more epoxy hardener.

“Do you want fast or normal setting”

“Fast setting as in for cold weather, so I don’t need to heat the garage?


Hmm let me think about that…

“Fast thanks”

Saturday, after a week of glorious weather turned out to be a typical Auckland winters day…. Cold grey and bouts of showers. I spent most of it visiting Oma with Nico, playing with the train set or cooking. Didn’t get much done on the canoe.

Sunday the weather did another back face and we were back to a beautiful day. So I got to work and cut and shaped the mast step, the base it rests on, the mast support for the wae and the splash guard.

By the evening of week twenty three I had the splash guard on:



And the mast step in place. As you can see it’s a deep one as recommended by Gary. The base is glued on with a fillet of sawdust and epoxy to fill the gaps then on top of that a strip of fibreglass which extends to the hull sides. The rest is then glued on with glue fillets and a strip of fibreglass wrapping around it and attaching to the ring frame.

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