16 August 2010

Nothing to see Here

Bit of a late update, but truth be told not much has changed. I ordered the styrofoam from Forman Building Systems and was told that there would be a five to ten day delay because the sheets were cut to order. So I tried to get hold of Martin of Shale Woodworking to get more wood for the leeboard, rudder and boom.

However it looks like Martin is on holiday as the phone isn’t being answered and goes to fax instead, no luck there.

So with not much I can do, I finished sanding the second iako, cut the butt joined the second sheet of plywood into a 5000 x 450mm sheet that I will be using as the template and centre for the ama.

Thinking on the ama, the original plans call for one that’s 3600mm long, Gary sent me plans for an ama stretched to 4800mm to get extra buoyancy so that I can use the space between the hull and ama for a trampoline.

So no photo at the end of week twenty seven, and no materials to work on. Hopefully next week the styrofoam will arrive so that I can get working on the ama.

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