01 August 2010

Wrapped up in a Blanket

Sanding and more sanding. Took her out on the drive again on Saturday and sanded the gunwales and decks to remove some of the rough edges. I was planing to glue the seats in that day but in a moment of clarity I realised that it will be much easier to paint the inside without them in the way.

So with that decision made I decided that my work on the main hull was done for now and it was time to move her out of the garage. Cecile was so excited at the prospect of the hull going outside that she even helped lift it off the strong back and carry her to her new location.

Nico helped me unfold and spread out the tarpaulin so that she remains protected from the rain and sun.

Once I have finished the iakos and the ama I will finish them and the hull off with a coat of paint and installing all the fittings.

Unfortunately for Cecile, the strong back will stay in the garage a little bit longer, I need it to laminate the iakos and hold the ama.

Sunday I got the first iako done, I had hoped to be able to do two in one day but low and behold I didn’t have enough clamps!

I’m glad I didn’t even try as doing one was a bigger job than I expected. Because the iakos take a lot of strain I wanted to be especially sure that the laminates were strong, so before applying a coat of glue, I first wet each side with epoxy before then laying on the glue mix.

Next week I’ll have the second one done and then I’ll order the styrofoam needed to build the ama. Then extra wood to make the boom, leeboard and rudder. A lick of paint and we’re done, the end is so close that we’re starting to enter a personal danger zone. In the past I start to get impatient to get the job done and get sloppy. We’ll see how we get on here.



End of week twenty five and here she is all wrapped up:

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