05 September 2010

Fathers Day and Power Tools

The two just seem to go together!

After stocking up on more glue and epoxy on Monday, I managed to set some time aside during the week to glue & cut the second side and then glue them together. So by Saturday morning I had the basic shape ready for some POWER TOOLS:

First up I had to flatten the top and bottom so that the foam is flush with the plywood core.

Sunday morning started with Nicolas’ normal routine of jumping into bed with us. I’m not a big fan of the commercialization of Mothers and Fathers Day so I wasn’t expecting anything except maybe a bit of a sleep in. Cecile had gotten me a chocolate bar as a treat, that I put on on the bed stand. Wanting to catch a few extra minutes sleep I tucked back in.

With Nico wriggling in bed between Cecile and me I gave up after half an hour. Nico was in my face asking for Coco-puffs when I noticed a brown smudge on his face… I looked to the bed stand and noticed something was missing, sure enough a quick search of the bed uncovered the remnants of chocolate bar wrapping!

Oh well, as they say; you snooze, you loose.

Back to work, with Nicolas’ help I measure and draw up the outline for the ama’s shape on the top.

Nicolas trying Papas’ boots on for size:

With the basic shape draw up, I cut the excess off with a saw and then it was out with the belt sander for the next stage of shaping.

So at the end of week thirty the ama is taking shape. I think I’m finished with the belt sander, while it does a great job, quickly, it’s a little too fast and un-wieldy to get the shape nice and smooth. So the rest will be done by hand with sand paper.

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