12 September 2010

Play Has Been Delayed by Rain

Continuing Auckland’s weather tradition the weather was on again, off again. I’m still shaping the ama which produces a lot of dust so it needs to be done outside.

Saturday morning it was raining and I had to visit a client so Nico and I set off to do the rounds which included taking Loki for a walk around the Onehunga basin. Incidentally there was a school age waka ama group practicing in two canoes. So we stopped to watch them for a bit. Both canoes were fibreglass probably 7-8m long and had a crew of 6. They went across the pond at a good pace. After that Nico got to test the slide and swing.

After we got home I pulled the ama onto the drive, put 60 grit paper on my sanding board and got stuck in for an hour before rain forced me inside.

The sandpaper did a good job and I was finding it easy to get a good rounded edge. I have to take care though to keep the strokes smooth so that the paper doesn’t jump along the surface and pull pieces of foam out.

Sunday morning the sun came out and the four of us went to Ambury farm for a French playgroup outing. After we got home and had lunch I took the ama out again, only to have it start to rain. Frustrated I pushed it back inside and decided to do something else.

Last week while collecting supplies from Bunnings I also got some blackboard and glow in the dark paint. So instead of working on the ulua I grabbed a scrap pieces' of plywood and timber and built a small blackboard (waiting for the topcoat):

So at the end of week thirty one, no pictures of the ama; even though I did manage to get some more sanding done on Sunday it’s hard to show the progress in photos so I didn’t bother to take one.

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