17 October 2010

Slow Weekend but Pretty Pictures

Once again other priorities interrupt my plans for the weekend. First off I organise a BBQ for Saturday afternoon, thinking I’ll have the morning free to work on the canoe. Think again, turns out I did work on a boat, just not mine. Viking’s decks needed scrubbing after moss started growing over winter.

Nico joined me and while I originally had him below with Thomas and a puzzle, he quickly came above deck to help me splash water around. I should have figured that would keep him occupied and happy. Fortunately the weather helped as well. One thing I did get done for the canoe, was to buy Nico a lifejacket with the all important pictures of Nemo and Dory on the front.

Sunday I was at a bit of a loss on what to do next. I had hoped to get the blocks that will be used to connect the ama to the iako glued on, but I realised that I didn’t have a clue on where to place them. So I un-wrapped the canoe and laid it out on the deck:

Much to my surprise Nico couldn’t wait to get in, which was a great relief to me since the last time I tried he wouldn’t have a bar of it. Goes to show what a difference even a couple of m0nths can make.

I mounted a string along the centre-line of the hull to measure the correct distance between the hull and the ama. What I did discover was that my iakos’ are quite long and I can trim some off the ends. The plans call for a distance of 1.4m between the centre of the hull and the centre of the ama, which is a lot less than what you see in the pictures.

Once I’d measured the correct distance and marked off the all the placements I still wasn’t any wiser on how high the blocks needed to be. So after much dithering I got to thinking on how I could build the frame to make the boom on. That developed into making out the points and then building it. So that after Nico and Eloise were put to bed I laminated the boom on the frame.

So at the end of week thirty six, I’m not yet finished with the ama, but I do have the beginnings of a boom.

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