04 October 2010

Spring is Here!

What a beautiful weather we had! Not even a bout of gastric flu could spoil it (thanks to a dose of imodium).

After two weeks of inactivity I’ve pulled finger and moved a little forward. During the week I called Martin and got the wood I needed for the boom (white cedar), rudder and tiller (ash). Which I collected on Thursday. My planned big push for the weekend was to get both sides of the ama glassed.

Saturday morning Nico and I laid out, then measured the fibreglass for cutting. Together we cut the sheet in half and rolled them up, Nico was a great help!

Then it was time to don the pink gloves and get dirty with epoxy again. This is similar to how surfboards are made and it got me thinking that I could use the spare foam I have to make a kicking board for Nico and later Eloise. glassing it may be a bit extreme but it will last!

Sunday morning with the epoxy dry enough to cut I trimmed off the excess cloth and quickly realised that I had been a bit optimistic in my thinking; the other side will have to wait till next weekend.

End of week thirty four (week thirty three was washed away) and one side of the ama has been glassed. Next week I will fair the edge of the fibreglass then glass over the other side. No photo of the progress to date; we went to Helen’s house at Muriwai beach Sunday afternoon and it was dark by the time we got home. However Nico likes his blackboard:

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