31 January 2011

Auckland Anniversary Weekend

Today, last year I was up in the maternity ward of Auckland Hospital with the midwife admiring all the boats sailing past while Cecile was giving birth to our daughter Eloise. This year I had hoped to be sailing my canoe.

During the week I mounted a stainless steel plate on the leeboard and on Friday night I fitted the mounting bracket on the inside of the hull. I used a length of 3mm aluminium angle bracket which I extended past the seat for a more forward position. It’s screwed to the gunwales, seat and a block underneath, I hope its strong enough to take the pressure.

On Saturday I cut and glued together several lengths of wood to make a seat frame. My plan was to weave the seat:

This was finished by the evening with me making a mistake or two. But it works:

So I was all set to go sailing on Monday. Except of course the weather didn’t co-operate. With winds gusting 30-35 knots I thought it best to pass. Fortunately I got an offer to sail on Viking which I gladly accepted.

So no outing on the canoe but I still had a great day sailing!

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