17 January 2011

Picked up a Stowaway

Well we are back in New Zealand again, and just in the nick of time too, avoiding cyclone Vanias’ landfall by a matter of hours.

On arrival I found this little fellow attached to one of the straps securing the tarpaulin to the hull:

I’m going to have to be extra careful removing that one.

Work has slowly commenced again, I’ve built the rudder/outboard mounting bracket and given it two coats of primer, mounted the rudder brackets on the rudder and built the mast head to attach the sail to.

Of course with my luck being the way it is, it looks like we’ve brought the weather from New Caledonia (rain) with us! I’m hoping that I’ll get a break in the weather to go on a test sail before the weekend (when we are off to Taupo of the jousting).


  1. For those that don't know (me included) what is your stowaway? and why do you need to be careful?
    It looks like some sort cocoon?


  2. Its the cocoon for a monarch butterfly, which are too beautiful to kill.

  3. butterflies aside great project great work mate

  4. butterflies aside but they are beautiful great project you mustve been so stoked with the work and results awesome mate