27 January 2010

The Duckling is Sold!

Wow that was fast. As is typical of me it appears I may have undersold it. My thinking was that its an old hull, on an old trailer there wouldn't be much value in it. It was one of the reasons I didn't sell it earlier, too much hassle, and I thought I would be lucky to recover the money I spent on refurbishing the trailer least year.

Turns out I was wrong. I had suggested to Cecile a listing of $1,500 she said that was too low so I made it $2,000. First thing Monday morning I had two people phoning me for more information and photos (didn't put them on the listing), plus an email wanting confirmation from Cecile that she had my permission as the boat was being offered at half its value!

To cut it short the, first caller asked for first rights on the boat at the listed price, pending photographs. On Tuesday I took the promised photos and sent them off. By Wednesday morning the duckling is sold.

I arranged with the buyer that we would meet in Tauranga after I re-newed the registration and got a warrent of fitness for the trailer.

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