21 January 2010

Slow Starts

Ordered Gary Dierkings' book "Building Outrigger Canoes" from Amazon.com and sent Gary some questions to help me choose between the Ulua or the Wa'apa. Based on his advice I will build a 21' Ulua. It will take a bit longer, but who said this was going to be easy :)


  1. I´rilly wont know about the cuestions ulua vs wa´apa. Please comment the dialog whith Dierking.
    Thank you and sorry for my inglish. I´from Argentina. Congratulations for your boat and thanks for the videos.

  2. Hello,

    My questions to Gary with answers:
    Q. The Ulua really appeals to me astetically but I'm worried that I don't have the experience needed to build a strip plank boat, would the Wa'apa be a better choice for a first timer?

    A. Strip planking looks harder but really requires no more skill or experience than a plywood project. It does however take longer and costs a little more. The results are usually spectacular even from first time builders.

    Q. What would be a suitable length boat for two male adults and a child and still be car topable?

    A. The Ulua can be stretched to carry additional weight. Much depends on the sea condition. In smooth water the standard length will carry two adults and a child. If you wish to carry that much on a windy day, it would be better to have an extra metre of length.

    Q. What are the rough build costs of either the Ulua and the Wa'apa?

    A. The cost depends on how much you do yourself. The cost can be as low as $1200 and it goes on up from there for both designs.