24 January 2010

The Ugly Duckling Must go!

Well I've told my master plan to the boss (Cecile) who is, as expected less than impressed. Part of the problem with the Whiting is that Cecile does not like the water and she does not like boats unless they are large and fast! So the idea that I was going to build one while I still have another in storage does not make any sense to her.

However Cecile is a fast one and seeing her opportunity, she went in for the kill. While she dislikes the idea, she can see the bonding opportunity for Nicolas and myself so she gave me her qualified support, that is she's ok with it on the condition I sell the Whiting 16.

Now this isn't actually as bad as it seems and it gives me the motivation to get off my backside as sell her (the Whiting, not Cecile) since at this stage she is only costing me money. So before I could change my mind, Cecile logged into TradeMe and posted an add.

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