11 April 2010


Week nine and I’ve hit a road bump. When I shaped the stern and bow stems I gave them quite a sharp edge, well it turns out that this is not ideal for laying the glass which resulted in several air bubbles along those edges. So during the week I took Thursday off to run taxi for Mum and the rest of the day was spent sanding away the air pockets.

Nico was keen to jump aboard, even if the hull is still the wrong way up!

Saturday was spent at Mums with Isabelle (my cousin) and her two children Jonah and Olivia. Nicolas had a great time playing with the bigger kids. But for me the day was pretty much a write off (at least regarding the boat).

Sunday it was patch up day. I marked out the areas for re-glassing with masking tape and set to work. The good part is that I fixed the patches on the main part of the hull. The bad is that the stems still have air bubbles in them. I think I’ll just end up smoothing the edges back and giving the stem a thick coat of epoxy.

Thursday, Cecile’s company; Beca Applied Technologies celebrated its 5th birthday with an evening at Treasure Island mini golf course. Nico got into the pirate spirit and soon will be ready to captain his own ship!

Eloise on the other hand took it all in her stride and was handed from one set of willing arms to another as the teams progressed through the course.

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