18 April 2010

I’m Flying! I’m Flying!

Week ten and I’m flying forward… Well actually I’m not. With Day Light Savings ending and Autumn in full swing, my working hours have been curtailed somewhat. To compound this, what I need to do, sanding, needs to be done outside to keep the dust out of the house. Which limits me to working over the weekends.

Saturday started with another trip to Bunnings for new sanding disks and a pair of working gloves to save my hands from even more splinters and cuts. From there I got stuck in with the sanding. Fortunately, between bouts of rain I managed to sand back the patches I added.

Sunday was babysitting duty looking after Nicolas and Eloise while Mum and friends were swinging from the trees!

Great fun was had and Nico learnt a new Dutch word; Gek, as in geke Mum :) Eloise took most of it in her stride, so long as she was being carried by Dad… Which made taking photos a bit of a challenge!

After we got home it was back to work on the boat, I had my first experience with fairing powder. Not being sure of how much I should be adding, I just kept adding the powder till I got it nice and thick (peanut butter was one guide I read).

Using this paste I filled in the gaps left by the opened air bubbles and covered the areas of the stern bare of glass.

Next week….

…. More sanding and then another layer of epoxy before I finally get to turn the hull.

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