04 April 2010

Out in the sun

Week eight and the final strip is in place, the hull has been planed smooth and I took the hull outside for the final sanding.


When I started this project I went on a bit of a spending binge and got lots of tools I thought I would need. Nothing too flash but I still managed to spend a bit of cash. One of the tools I bought was a Stanley block plane. I wasn’t to keen on spending the money when there are plenty of cheaper alternatives. Well I’m bloody glad I did get it since its been one of my most used tools!

Caught a few hours of sanding first thing Sunday morning before heading off to Mums for the Easter egg hunt.

Nico got the hang of it pretty quickly:


After lunch we went home and I managed to finish my sanding. Before dinner the hull looked like this, with the first sheet of fiberglass laid:

After Nico and Eloise were put to bed I added the second sheet to the other side. The instructions are to do one side at a time, but I’m hoping to get a more even coating if I do it all at once. Fingers crossed; tomorrow I’ll be applying the epoxy.


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