12 December 2010

Back with Photos!

In spite of late evenings and a bout of some nasty bug, I managed to get the outside of the hull varnished and grind out the shape of the tiller handle. Sunday I took the hull out of the garage so that I can paint the ama. At the same time I re-attached the forward & aft cleats and tried lashing the iakos:

The rope is 5mm and does a good job holding everything together. One lesson I did learn was to wear gloves! I managed to strip a layer or two of skin from one of my fingers. Time to develop some callouses.

The forward iako with the mast in place. I need to have the mast in place before I lash the iako down or it won’t fit. I’ll need to figure out a solution to that because with the sail and boom the rigging gets heavy.

The other job was tiller, it fit together nicely. This week I’ll give it a coat of varnish.

At the end of week forty four this is where we are at:

The hull is back on the deck and the ama is drying in the garage with it’s first coat of primer. Next weekend, time permitting I’m looking to launch her. She’s not ready yet for sailing as I need to build the bracket to mount the rudder on, but I’m thinking I might need to hold of on the sailing until I have more experience on how she’ll handle outside of the pool and see if Nico is ready for it. I’m also not certain yet for the best position for the leeboard so I’m planning to test sail her with the board at different points for the best position.

So things left to do:

  • Finish painting the ama
  • Build and paint bracket for rudder
  • buy and attach rudder fittings
  • Mount leeboard
  • Varnish tiller

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