28 December 2010

No Canoes today

Well there is a nice picture of a typical Kanak Pirogue in our apartment room plus I saw some people out practicing in their OC6 and OC1’s.

With Cecile away Nico spent the week days at his grandmothers which meant that there was no time for building. Saturday we got off to an early start and headed out to the airport.

First Nico got to check out the cockpit (the power of a grandmother armed with a toddler):

Then it was off to Cecile’s parents for lunch of Vietnamese spring rolls, followed by a desert of Mango and coconut milk:

The summer has (so far) been the hottest they’ve had in 50 years. So we were all walking round stripped to a minimum of cloths. After lunch we went to our apartments and had a dip in the ocean. Nico couldn’t be held back:

I also got to test out my Canon D10 water proof point and shoot camera:

Best viewed at 480 rez
Best viewed at 480 rez

Sunday was another day spent on the beach, with lots of sun, snorkelling and general relaxation.

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