07 December 2010

Sorry, no Photos Today

Still nothing to show, just an overturned hull in the garage. Last week I got all the coats of varnish done on the inside and painted the fore and aft deck. Over the weekend I turned her over and sanded the outside and got one coat of varnish on.

This was in between taking Nico and Eloise to Sinterklaas on Saturday and going sailing on Sunday. On that note I managed to sort out the leaking bung in the aft bulkhead. I brought an adjustable rubber one that is a good fit for the hole.

I also glued up the the tiller handle. I can’t repeat often enough how much I like the ability to create strong structures out of pieces of scrap wood and epoxy. In this instance I had three meters of ash left from the gunwales. I cut them up measured out a spacer and glued them all together. Next step is to draw on the final shape I want and take it to the belt sander.

Back to sailing, Nico joined us for the day on Viking and he was a real gem. Calm and patient, helping where he could and standing back when needed. He also adjusted to the heeling of the boat without freaking out and wore his life jacket the whole time. I was so proud of him!

Week forty three and I’m aiming to get another two coats of varnish on the hull. After that I will paint the ama. My next challenge will be to build the attachment to mount the rudder to the iako. Since I’m not planning on buying an outboard just yet I’m tempted to forego the outboard bracket Gary uses, for now.

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