15 February 2010

A productive weekend

I've slowly been lofting the stations onto the particle board I got on Thursday, I got all but four stations done. They will get done during the evening this week ready to be cut next weekend. Because of the proximity of the garage to the Nicolas' room I want to avoid using powertools after his bed time. For the same reason I decided to cut up the wood I needed to make the strong back.

Oops! since I expect to be finishing the strong back next weekend and hope to starting to place the stations I thought I might as well see if the Ulua will fit in the garage on a dianigional.... well it does just... with so little room to spare that it won't be practical. Realistically I'm going to have to make her shorter, just how short we will see.

Nicolas was a great help, I had him placed on the sheets as I was measuring up the stations handing me the nails to mark each point. He even had a go at hammering some nails in.

Last week Gary put me onto a teacher from Onehunga Highschool who has also built a Ulua, I got an email from him on Saturday at it turns out he lives a short bike ride from our place. I called him and had a short chat with him chatting about what he uses it for and how he had found the performance. He's a big fan of Garys' design and through the school he has built three of them! This is very encouraging, I hope to meet with him and take him up on his offer for a sail.

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