11 February 2010

Second Trip to Bunnings

Well I took another look at Gary's materials list and there is no mention of using MDF for the stations. Ply and particle board yes, but not MDF.

so I fired of an email to Gary and it turns out that there's a reason for it. Staples don't hold to well in the MDF edges (Doh!). Oh well I can still use it for the strong back and making a frame to hold the hull in the upright position.

So off to Bunnings I went to get the recommended particle board and timber lengths for the strong back. I've also decided to splash out and get a decent jigsaw as it will be important to make as clean as possible cuts. I'm sure this will be a recurring event through-out this build.

Coming back on the lofting I found on the CD the table of off-sets used to draw up to stations. Because I have the plans, in theory I could just glue them to the wood and cut them out that way, but I prefer to draw them up myself because I'm worried the saw will obscure the lines on the paper as it cuts.

If my drawings are out of line I can always fall back on the paper plans.

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