06 February 2010

Spitfire, Spitfire!

Drove to Tauranga today with Matthijs and Irene to deliver the boat to her new owner. The trip went well except I lost the pelican clamp for the Whiting forestay. Very annoying and luckily the new owner was very understanding and declined my offer for me to source one and send it down.

Unknown to me the meeting point was at the end of the runway for Tauranga airport and the airshow was in full swing. So while we were sorting out the hand over, we got buzzed by a low flying Spitfire! What a rush!

Luckilly on the second pass I had had enough time to get my camera out and take a couple of shots. And then just as we were driving off the Catalina comes in to land!

The rest of the day went well, we drove up to Coromandel town for lunch, then over to Garys' place to have a look at his production Ulua. Regretably Gary wasn't home so we only got to admire his boat and not talk to him. After that it was a straight drive home.

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