21 March 2010

Introducing the New Assistant Project Manager:

Week six, and Nicolas has an assistant project manager, seen here supervising the wood pile:

Even though I again lost time due to traveling (three days in Australia) we’ve made good progress. I’m hoping to start laying the outer fiberglass coat over Easter weekend but I think I’m being a optimistic seeing as I still quite a few strips to go followed by a good amount of sanding. We’ll see how the coming week goes.

Progress as of Sunday 17:00:

Thoughts for the week:

- Still having lots of fun with the project. Its good to be working with my hands.

- Australia has a good climate too, not sure if it’s enough of an incentive to putting up with the locals though.

- I gave up on the gloves, my hands were getting soaked inside them.

- Nico likes to get involved, I try to involve him where he can without getting his fingers covered in glue or cut.

- The workmanship isn’t perfect, I'm hoping I will be able to smooth out a fair amount during the fairing process… We’ll see.

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