14 March 2010

We’re Moving Forward Again (Finally)

Week Five; back from Suva. Had a productive week in Suva, spent the days with our client, Fiji Gas, who are always very hospitable. In the evenings I walked around Suva enjoying the warm climate. To be completely honest, I could get used to living in the tropics. Past visits to New Caledonia and Fiji I always found very hot and a tad unpleasant. But this time was different, maybe I’m finally adjusting.

On the down side there was a cyclone warning on Friday evening expected to hit northern Fiji on Sunday. Luckily it didn’t stop my return flight but boy did it rain on Saturday!

Saturday I was able to start on the boat again, and managed to get three strips done. Sunday I got another five strips added. I’m really enjoying the work, it’s nice to be building something with my hands again. It is also easier than I expected.

The boat at the end of week five:

Thoughts for the week:


PVA is stronger than I remember as a kid (wear gloves!)

Epoxy rocks! Even the laminated shavings held together.

You can never have enough clamps…. I think I need bigger ones too!

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