01 March 2010

Week Three

Well yesterday I was supposed to drive down to Hamilton to pick up the wood from Rod. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to organise a trailer the day before and then slept in. So I ended up asking Rod to freight it up.

Otherwise progress has been steady if slow. The strong back is finished and all the stations have been mounted. I brought the first batch of Epoxy (5 litres of 12). I ended up getting CRC Aodos from NZ Fiberglass (www.nzfiberglass.co.nz). Nico came along for the trip and they had a Cockatoo parrot who liked to say hello and bite fingers. Luckily Nico didn’t give him the opportunity (even though he was tempted!).

Other helpful things Nico did was to drill the holes when mounting the stations..












And he made a nice little sculpture out of my socket set!

Next step is to laminate the bow stems and shape them so that I staple on the planks. To be honest I’m more than a bit nervous about using the Epoxy and dragging it out a bit.

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