28 March 2010

Not Far Now (well end of phase one anyway)

Week seven and progress has been good, I’m only a couple of strips off from finishing the hull off!

I managed to get a lot done this week by just adding a strip to each side every evening after putting Nico and Eloise to bed. On Saturday I brought the rest of the Epoxy I need and a whole load of fiberglass cloth. The cloth is almost as heavy as the timber for the hull! It’s going to be interesting to see what the final weight of the boat is.

After getting the supplies I spent the rest of the day adding strips, Nico is great wanting to join in and help. I just have to be very mindful of the tools and the epoxy… I added the bow and stern rib, finishing them off as the last job Sunday.

Sunday was less productive as we had friends over for lunch, so the day was spent buying groceries, cooking and entertaining. But I did manage to get a strip done in between all that ;) After our friends left and the dishwasher was loaded it was back to work.

Proud dad moment; as soon as Nico saw me start sweeping up the wood shavings he joined in to help.

Now that its starting to look like a boat I’m thinking about how to organize the final layout, do I settle for two three seats? Do I add one or two under the seat storage areas? Extend both bulk heads, or just one? How practical is a forward storage area with the mast in the way? Do I install an access hatch in the top and if I do what type?

I’m starting to develop ideas but I’ll need to get feedback on how practical they are from people experienced with this kind of boat.

Stay tuned…

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