21 November 2010

Once Again I Under Estimated

The size of a job!

Here was I thinking that I’m a week or so from launching the canoe. But this weekend saw the beginning of painting and varnishing the hull. And this is going to be a job and a half given the demands on my time and number of free days I have!

To top matters off Saturday got off to a bad start with a down pour which ment that I was unable to get any sanding done. Luckily I got the her in the garage in time so instead I gave the gunwales a coat of epoxy to give it a bit more scratch resistance. The epoxy soaked into the wood nicely and brought out the rich colour of the ash.

I also got the boom jaws glued on and gave the boom a coat of epoxy. Cedar is lovely wood, but it is soft and damages easily!

The boom is made from two lengths of cedar while the jaws are oak.

Sunday I sanded the leeboard, iakos and rudder then gave them their first (of ten) coat of varnish.

I have them hanging in the garage so that I could do both sides at the same time.

One piece of bad news I discovered was that the thread on the bung in the aft bulkhead has been stripped. So I’m going to see if I can use an expanding rubber one instead. If not I’ll probably just glue it in place.

So at the end of week forty one I’ve started varnishing. Of course the elephant in the room is the ama, it’s easy to focus on the hull and forget that there’s another that needs to be done too.

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