01 November 2010

So Close….

And I’m procrastinating again. Although to be fair it was Nicos’ birthday on Friday so  we had a family day on Saturday which started with present opening, followed by present playing and then Oma, Thys, Helen and Leo came to visit. We ended the day with a fantastic trip to Butterfly Creek.

Still I did find time to set the canoe up on the deck to check the fit of the ama and iakos.

I’m pretty happy with the fit. Nico loves the canoe; he and Leo jumped in with fishing rods for a dry run. Eloise got into the swing of it as well helping me with the paddling.

As for the procrastination; I still can’t decide between paint or varnish! Everyone says varnish, but I quite like the look of a painted hull.

Sunday it was back to making saw dust and those planks I showed you last week became this board:

and over the course of the day became the rudder and boom jaws with the help of my belt sander, jigsaw and drill press:

So at the end of week thirty eight the only big job left to do is the elephant in the room; I need to paint her up. However before I do that, I’m going to put her in the water to make sure there are no nasty surprises like leaks.

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