09 November 2010

Treasure Chests & Tank Engines but…

No ulua.

Saturday was Nicolas’ birthday party, with lots of guests and a bouncy castle to keep the birthday boy and friends entertained. Thanks to Margo we had a fantastic treasure chest birthday cake that was quickly demolished by the kids. Even though the party only went on till four; we were pretty shattered afterwards so no time for boat building.

Sunday morning was a write off, everyone slept in; followed by a bit of a clean up (and playing with the new presents) before it was off to the Glenbrook Vintage Railway where they had a Thomas the Tank Engine day. All the vintage steam engines had faces on them identical to the Thomas series of books. There was even a train that was an almost identical model to Thomas.

We took the 50 minute train ride to the back of Waiuku and it was like going back in time, even the scenery was different from how you see it when driving. On the return journey there was a stop where you could get off to look at the workshop with more steam engines. First Nico and I got off then Cecile hopped off and forgot to hop back on before the train left! So she was stuck there for half an hour while she waited for the next one!

When we got home I managed to squeeze in a little bit of work, fitting the boom jaws and mocking the whole rig up to test for fit.

Also the matter of paint over varnish has been decided with good advice from Gary; if you don’t like the varnish you can always paint over it but you can’t varnish over paint. What I will do though is paint the decks and part of the gunwhales.

So at the end of week thirty nine we hit a small speed bump called “family takes precedence”.

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